Policy and Disclaimer

We at Proxy strongly support email as a communication channel with us. We are aiming in responding to your email request in less then two working days. In case you do not get a response, please contact us at the email address given below.

In case of absence of a staff member of Proxy incoming emails will be forwarded to a colleague. So please be aware, that all emails sent to Proxy can be as well read by somebody else but the intended recipient. In case you object this, please contact us at the email address given below.

Email is not a safe way of communication. It cannot be guaranteed that email messages from or to us are not read by unauthorised persons. In case you do not want to communicate via email with us, please inform your contact at Proxy.

We are using spam filters and virus protection software. We are checking incoming and outgoing messages. We are doing our best to keep email communication safe, but we cannot guarantee it. Therefore PROXY GmbH cannot be made liable for any problems arising resulting from email communication with us.

Using spam filters as well can results in filtering messages out which are not spam messages. We do not take over any liability in case your message to us has been filtered out.
In order to reduce spam mails, Proxy does not do any kind of mass mailing like newsletters, bulletins or others. If you are interested in regular news about Proxy or you are interested in participating in the knowledge of Proxy, please contact us.

For questions and comments regarding our email policy please contact e-policy@proxyitc.com.